The Pennsylvania Department
Clip Art

The collections of the Pennsylvania Department are extraordinarily rich in examples of graphic design. From the pages of The Pittsburg Bulletin to the ancient pages of The Pittsburg Dispatch. Ornament, decorations, stylized alphabets and striking layouts provide a wealth of creative design ideas for those willing to take the time to explore both microfilm and print materials.

All images presented are in transparent GIF format and are relatively small in file size.

Bagpiper 7K
Baseball Batter 2K COLOR
Baseball Batter, Comic 13K
Baseball, Frowning 1K
Baseball Pitcher, Comic 14K
Bear and Bull 4K
Billy Penn 10K
Bird on a Wire 41K COLOR
Boxcar 8K
Boy Teasing Lady with a Frog 13K
Bull and Bear 4K
Carnegie, Andrew, Riding a Dinosaur 6K
Children Hand-in-hand 31K COLOR
Children Playing at "Eiffel Tower" 4K
Crowd in Front of "The Press" 14K
Dancing, Couple 8K
Ditch Digger 9K
Diver 7K
Electrical Experimenter 15K
Factories 4K
Factory & Smokestacks 7K
Football Player 4K
Football Players 6K
Globe 2K
Hoarding 6K
Horse and Rider 5K
Horse's Head 13K
Iceman 6K
Marionettes 3K
Newsboy 4K
Newspapers, Man with 4K
Painter Sitting on Beam 8K
Photographer 5K
Policeman 5K
Printing Press 9K
Proto-Rollerblader 17K
Pushcart Vendor 6K
Railroad Locomotive 7K
Reader I, Eccentric 6K
Reader II, Eccentric 9K
Reader III, Eccentric 11K
Reader, Elegant Female 5K
Reader, Elegant Male 5K
Steamroller 8K
Student, Exhausted 14K
Tesla, Portrait of Nikola 14K
Towboat & Barges 57K COLOR
Turtle 12K
Worker in a Factory 10K
Worker Stoking a Furnace 12K
Worker Wielding Sledgehammer 5K

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