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Who Is Pa Pitt?

Pa Pitt (or Father Pitt as he is also known) is the personification of the spirit of the city of Pittsburgh. Since his birth sometime in the 1890s, he has had many incarnations. In fact, prior to Pa Pitt, the city had a feminine persona--Miss Pittsburgh--whom one critic, in 1906, described as "a self-respecting 'sweet thing,' who must ignore scandals, and be above the little vexations of common life." In his various forms, Pa Pitt was never the property of any one newspaper or institution. Over the years Pa Pitt served the interests of several editorial cartoonists, but perhaps the most definitive representation and certainly the one still most familiar to many Pittsburghers is Cy Hungerford's portly, good-natured old Colonial. Just perhaps--as the city enters on a new millenium--one of the Pittsburgh District's numerous and talented artists can create a new Pa Pitt for a new century?

Pa Pitt in Other Guises

Thumbnail: (detail). 98K Canfield
Thumbnail: (detail). 73K Jamieson
Thumbnail: (detail). 76K Johnston
Thumbnail: (detail). 83K Shiras
Thumbnail: (detail). 78K Johnston
Thumbnail: (detail). 85K Frazier
Thumbnail: (detail). 57K Payne
Thumbnail: (detail). 95K Rigby

And more....

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