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* Allegheny County Revaluation Program: Official Information Web Site

"This Web site provides property owners in Allegheny County with up-to-date information on the Allegheny County Revaluation Program, which will be completed by January 1, 2001."

* Allegheny County Certified Values for 2002

"As of January 1, 2002, the Allegheny County Real Estate Website will be unavailable for approximately two weeks. The website will be accessible following the certification of the 2002 real estate values. The new website will include the installation of a new and improved 'comparable sales' program along with an overview of the changes in valuation procedures and methodology implemented by the Office of Property Assessment in the preparation of the 2002 values."

* A Little Journey in a Pittsburgh Taxicab.

by Elbert Hubbard. 1915.
"Pittsburgh is a city of magnificent distances. It just runs over and inundates the landscape for a distance of, say, twenty miles, up and down the Ohio, the Alleghany [sic], the Monongahela. Some roads are as rough and rocky as the road to Dublin. Houses are perched on aerie crags and hilltops. There are winding approaches and picturesque situations which are beautiful to anybody and everybody but the taxi driver."

* Mrs. Royall's Pennsylvania or Travels Continued in the United States

by Mrs. Anne Royall. 1829.
The inimitable and opinionated Mrs. R. travels to Pittsburgh and reports on the social, intellectual and industrial life of the city.

* Soldiers of the Great War: Pennsylvania

A listing of soliders from Pennsylvania who died in the First World War, issued by the Soldiers Record Publishing Association in 1920.

* World War II: Pittsburghers Remember

A collaboration with Duquesne University. The Pennsylvania Department hosts interviews conducted by students of Dr. Joseph Rishel. Coming soon.

* Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):

The North Side, The Great War, & the Pleasures of Family & Friends
A selection of photographs from the Department's Adams Collection with amplifying text and with notes on preserving your family photographs.

* Southwestern Pennsylvania Authors

An evolving database of writers with origins in or connections to Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Compiled by Ms. Sylvia Sachs.
Under Construction.

* What's New -- Archive

Past projects and presentations of the Pennsylvania Department.

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