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Last updated: 17 June 2001.
Created: 8 December 1995.
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This is the 2nd version, the second major revision, of the Department's webpages. We hope to be constantly updating both the look and the content of our webpages and ask your patience as we make the effort to bring substantive, useful and entertaining information about Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh to the Web. Thus, some items on the various menus will not be "hot"--that is, active links to additional information. The design idea for the Department's main homepage is thanks to John Fail, student at the University of Pittsburgh and formerly clerk at the Library's Foundation Center. Special help with frames came from Adrian Seltzer, a former page/clerk in the Pennsylvania Department. In March of 2000, the Department's Search Engine was enabled to list up to 100 search results. We encourage your comments, questions and suggestions.

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