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How Many Bridges Are There in Pittsburgh?

"As to bridges, no one has counted them reliably: perhaps 1800 in Allegheny County, with many more than half in the city itself." -- Walter Kidney. Pittsburgh in Your Pocket: A Guide to Pittsburgh-area Architecture. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks, 1988, 14.

                         Bridges in Allegheny County
                             State           1311
                             County           521
                             Pittsburgh       120
                             Municipalities   187

                             Total           2139

This total includes highway, pedestrian and railroad bridges. This includes all bridges over 8 feet long. It does not include private bridges. Current as of 31 March 1995.

Compiled by Ms. Audrey Iacone, Pennsylvania Department.

* Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Documenting the City (and County) of Bridges (and Tunnels).

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