Mr. Clyde Wright:
South Hills High School

Thumbnail: Christmas at South Hills High School, 1930 
(detail). South Hills High School, 1930

For Further Reading: 1916-1995

* "First Wing of Handsome Building Will Receive 600 Pupils in February."

Pittsburgh Sun, 19 December 1916.

* "New South Hills High School:

Half-Finished High School to Be Opened on South Hills."
The Pittsburg Dispatch, 8 April 1917.

* [Joseph Jennings, Principal of South for 28 Years.]

Pittsburgh Sun, 23 November 1917.

* "Dedication of New Structure Attended by Hundreds of Persons."

Gazette Times, 12 December 1917.

* "South Hills High School Addition Thrown Open:

85,000 in School on First Day:
Completed South Hills High Building in Use--
Army of 3,000 Teachers on Job."
Chronicle Telegraph, 31 August 1925.

* "South Hills Parents Seek High School

Petition to Cite Crowded Conditions; Meeting Tonight."
The Pittsburgh Press 24 May 1962.

* "3 'Outsiders' Arrested at High School:

SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] Literature
Is Confiscated at South Hills."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 18 November 1969, B11.

* "Pete [Flaherty] 'Mediates' South Hills Rift."

David Nilsson.
The Pittsburgh Press 27 May 1970, 1, 4.

* "South Hills High 'Cooling':

Flaherty, Students Confer to Pacify Troubled School."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 28 May 1970, (Second Section).

* "300 Students Dispersed at South Hills."

The Pittsburgh Press 28 May 1970.

* "Juveniles Nabbed:

South Hills High Calm But 7 Are Arrested."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 29 May 1970.

* "Blacks Still Out at S. Hills High."

Ralph E. Koger.
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* "Effort Urged to Prevent School Rows:

South Hills Parents Told Situation Begins at Home."
Harry Black.
The Pittsburgh Press 19 February 1971, A1.

* "21 SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] Girls

Fined $100 in H. S. Melee:
Cost of Damages Also Assessed; 4 Forfeit Bond."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 14 April 1971, 6.

* "South Hills High Drops Football."

Joe Zeff.
The Pittsburgh Press 13 August 1985, A1.

* "South Hills High to Graduate Last Class."

Earl Kohnfelder.
The Pittsburgh Press 1 June 1986, B11.

* "Tears Flow As South Hills High Closes."

Jim Gallagher.
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* "Mount Washington CDC [Community Development Corporation]

Hopes to Transform Old High School into Multi-Use Facility."
Jamie Oberdick.
The Observer (September 1995): 5, 43.

* "Group Hopes to Bring New Life to Old School."

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* "South Hills High School May Be Turned Into Apartments."

Tom Barnes.
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