Mr. Clyde Wright:
1936 Flood

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* "Graphic Story of Pittsburgh's Flood:

While It Will Go Down in History As a Major Catastrophe
It Was Met by Both Business And Public with Fine Spirit
And Amazing Resourcefulness."
Frank R. Phillips.
Greater Pittsburgh (March 1936): 11+.

* "The Great Flood:

The Chamber of Commerce Takes Active Part in Bringing Attention
Of Government Anew to Need of Flood Control--
Rehabilitation Measures under Consideration."
Greater Pittsburgh (March 1936): 3+.

* "City Water Fails; 45 Dead, 350 Hurt:

Receding Rivers Reveal Vast Desolation."
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 20 March 1936, 1+.

* "Over 60 Believed Dead Here, Water Famine Threatens:

Appeal Made to Public to Ration Water:
Thousands Still Captive in Homes, Damage Is Set Over $25,000,000."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 20 March 1936, 1+.

* "Our Flood in Pictures."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 29 March 1936.

* "Flood Issue."

Public Service (April 1936).

* "Flood Rescue Hero Lauded after Death." [Thompson Allen.]

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 5 April 1936.

* "Triangle Street Collapse Just What Mayor Expected:

McNair Greets News of Cave-in at Fifth and Wood with
'I-Told-You-So' Statement;
Earth Apparently Undermined by Flood."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 7 April 1936.

* "The Great Flood:

The 100 Best Flood Views--Selected from Thousands of Pictures
A Permanent Record of Pittsburgh's Greatest Catastrophe."
The Pittsburgh Press 18 April 1936.

* "City's Flood Bill $500,000:

Council to Cancel Rest of $1,000,000 Voted for Emergency."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 22 May 1936, 5.

* "Physical Damages of Flood Estimated at $48,441,285."

Greater Pittsburgh (October 1936).

* "County's Loss in Flood Set at $48,441,285:

Full Report Shows $212,535,010 As State Total:
Report Is Detailed:
Direct Damage Is Only Shown. Indirect Difficult to Compute."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 14 October 1936, 23.

* "Photo Story of the Greatest Flood in the Century

March 17-19, 1936, Pittsburgh Section." [Booklet.]
Pittsburgh: Harry H. Hamm, [1936].

* "Photo Story of the Greatest Flood in the Century

March 17-19, 1936, Pittsburgh-Johnstown Section." [Booklet.]
Pittsburgh: Harry H. Hamm, [1936].

* "The Pittsburgh Flood 1936." [Booklet.]

Pittsburgh: The Beacon Press, Inc., 1936.

* "Flood:

Out of the Small Creeks of Negligence
Another Fan of Turgid Water Drops upon
Long-Suffering Pittsburgh."
The Bulletin Index 28 January 1937, 9+.

* "When Death Rode Flood:

One Year Ago Raging Rivers Ravaged Triangle: City Conquers Worst Disaster."
Errett H. Smith.
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 17 March 1937.

* "March 17, 1936:

A Raw And Desperate Time."
Vince Leonard.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 17 March 1986, 17-18 (Daily Magazine).

* "A Place in History:

'36 Flood Leaves Predecessors in Its Wake."
Paul Francis Kennedy.
Greensburg Tribune-Review 17 March 1996, 4 (Focus).

* "Million Dollar Flood Bill Sends Council into Huddle."

The Pittsburgh Press n.d.

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