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Farmers Bank

Thumbnail: Farmers Bank, 1906 (detail). Farmers Bank, 1906

For Further Reading: 1922-1955

* "Bank to Get New Charter.

Corporate Life of Farmers' Institution Reflects Financial House's Growth.
Incorporated in 1903."
Gazette Times 3 December 1922.

* "The Story of Prince."

Pittsburgh: Farmers Deposit Savings Bank, 1925.

* "Fail to Identify Dead Man.

Farmers Bank and County Morgue Jammed by Curiosity Seekers; Maniac's Note Found on Dead Policeman."
Chronicle Telegraph 25 August 1926.

* "Cremate Body of Mystery Bomber.

Flames Write Last Chapter in Stirring Farmers Bank Episode."
Gazette Times 6 September 1926.

* "Savings Bank Will Merge with National.

Farmers' Institutions Combined Assets $80,000,000.
No Change in Personnel.
Object of Consolidation Is to Increase Advantages to Customers."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 5 March 1928.

* "Farmers Bank's Centennial."

Greater Pittsburgh (February 1932).

* "Farmers Deposit National Marks 100 Years As Bank."

Sun-Telegraph 15 February 1932.

* "Farmers Bank Opens Second Century Today.

Institution Formed As Jackson Was in White House.
Now Is Oldest in City.
Began with $5,000 Capital, Resources Today Are over $7,000,000."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 15 February 1932.

* "Found!" [J. Massey Rhine sculptures on Bank Building.]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11 July 1932.

* ["Farmers Deposit National Bank: Statement of Condition--December 31, 1932."]

Pittsburgh: Farmers Deposit National Bank, [1933].

* "Farmers Bank Vital Factor in City Trade.

Began in 1832, Kept Pace with Rise of District.
Covers Broad Area.
Present Head of Institution Once Publisher of Pittsburgh Post."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 26 September 1936.

* "The Bank's 'Mascot' Is of Noble Lineage." [Letter to the Editor.]

T. C. Brunton.
The Pittsburgh Press 4 December 1937.

* "Pittsburghesque:

The Girls at Fifth and Wood." [J. Massey Rhine sculptures on Bank Building.]
Charles F. Danyer.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 20 May 1941.

* "Directors Vote Pitt, Farmers Bank Merger:

Mellon Financial Empire Adds Unit."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 14 March 1946.

* "'Prince' Ends Long Bank Vigil."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 4 May 1946.

* "Farmers Bank Offices Now Mellon Units."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2 December 1950.

* "Farmers Bank Building Sale Is Confirmed:

Stamps Attached to Deed Indicate Price of $4 Million."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 30 June 1955.

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