Mr. Clyde Wright:
Bellevue Borough

Bellevue Borough

For Further Reading: 1914-1998

* "Bellevue Shows Striking Record of Development

One of Pittsburg's Thriving Boroughs Was Farm Land Few Decades Ago
Its Annals Interest
Statistics Indicate Steady And Healthy Increase of Property Values."
The Pittsburg Dispatch 26 May 1914.

* "Bellevue to Toot Big Horn:

Bustling Borough's Civic Jubilee to Mark Era of Great Public Improvements."
The Pittsburgh Sun 26 May 1914.

* "Bellevue Agog over Plans for Big Celebration

Borough Arranging to Memorialize Fifty-Second Year of Its Founding
District is Historical."
The Pittsburgh Sun 15 July 1920.

* "Many Pioneers Made Homes in Ross Township Garden Spot."

Kay Ryall.
The Pittsburgh Press 26 March 1933.

* Social Facts Concerning Bellevue Borough.

Pittsburgh: Bureau of Social Research, Federation of Social Agencies of Pittsburgh and
Allegheny County, 1940.

* 1909-1949 40th Anniversary Bellevue Council Number 1400 K. of C. [Knights of Columbus.]

n.p., 1949.

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* "Bellevue:

The New And the Old."
Jerry Vondas.
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* "In Bellevue:

Townhouses, Stores Set for Complex."
The Pittsburgh Press 14 March 1971, 5 (Section 3).

* "A Right to Be Remembered:

As Part of Its Bicentennial Celebration,
Bellevue Will Revive Memories of Its War Dead."
Joe Bennett.
The Pittsburgh Press 21 March 1976, 4+ (Roto).

* "Convenience, Conviviality Keep Bellevue Residents Happy."

Marc Hopkins.
North Hills News-Record 30 May 1994.

* "Bellevue Marks Roadways with Handmade Signs."

Melanie J. Tush.
Tribune-Review 23 February 1997.

* "Beat Goes On in Bellevue:

Business District Thrives Despite Mall Competition."
Gordon Ovenshine.
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* "Business, Community Thrive in Bellevue."

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* Andrew Bayne Memorial Library.

* A Tree Dies in Bellevue,

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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