Mr. Clyde Wright:
Prospect School

Prospect School

For Further Reading: 1959-1994

* History of Pittsburgh Public Schools to 1942, vol. I, pt. 2.

William Daniel McCoy.
(Pittsburgh: n.p., 1959).
-- The first Prospect Elementary, on Prospect Avenue, was built 1871-1880. That building was razed in 1931 and replaced that same year with a new building. Originally named Mt. Washington School, it was renamed Prospect School by reason of its location on Prospect Avenue. Name was changed to avoid confusion with school in Mount Washington Boro. (Page 207.)
-- Prospect Junior High, located on Prospect Street near Southern Avenue, was built 1931-1936. It was named Prospect Junior High School by reason of its location on Prospect Street. (Page 236.)

* "Old Prospect School Students Plan Reunion:

Take a Trip on Memory's Ship Motto of Group Arranging Plans:
Meeting Next Friday."
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* "Those Old Grads of Prospect Just Fade Away."

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To Help Stem Racism." [Prospect Middle School.]
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Multicultural Program Eases Tensions at Prospect Middle School."
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