Mr. Clyde Wright:
J. P. Harris Theater

J. P. Harris Theater

For Further Reading: 1920-1960

* "Famous Stars of Stage and Screen Have Appeared in Vaudeville:

John P. Harris Founded Harris Amusement Co."
The Pittsburgh Press 5 December 1920, 4 (Vaudeville Centennial Section).

* "Honor Is Paid Sen. Harris:

Special Programs for 31st Anniversary Are Arranged."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 7 January 1929.

* "J. P. Harris' Career Colorful."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3 April 1942.

* "Modern Fireproof Building."

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3 April 1942.]

* "Offer Made for Harris Theaters:

Associated Circuit Seeks Four Houses, Including Downtown."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 20 April 1960.

* "Last 4 Harris Theaters Are Sold Here:

Sale Marks End of Era That Began with Nickelodeon."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / Sun-Telegraph 11 June 1960.

* "Harris Theater Changes Name to Gateway Today:

Mayor Barr, Commissioner McClelland to Officiate at Formal Dedication Fete."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 30 December 1960.

* ["'J. P. Harris' Changed to 'Gateway Theater'."]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 31 December 1960.

* "Harris Company Oldest Operating in World."

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