Mr. Clyde Wright:
Mt. Washington

Thumbnail: Mt. Washington, 1931 (detail). Mt. Washington, 1931

For Further Reading: 1927-1998

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Glassed-in Supper Club, Roof Swim Pool
To Feature Spectacular $7 Million Project."
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Calls for Mall in Grandview Ave.:
Top Secret Report Ready for City Hall:
Incline Ride to Restaurant Also in Works."
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Red Premier Gets Glimpse from Mount."
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Entire Hillside May Be Seeded."
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Pioneer 'CP' and 'AP' Zoning at Stake in Rebuilding Plan:
It's Illegal 1 Critic Says."
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At Long Last Here Is Somebody Who Does Something
About Hillside Renewal Instead of Eternally Talking About It;
Five Pilot Projects Being Launched This Spring along McArdle Roadway
To Determine Further Work to Be Completed by a Mount Washington Group." [Harry A. Nassif.]
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Mount Washington Offers a Spectacular Vista
And Several Developers Are Looking Into Possible Locations There
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In A City of Small Neighborhoods, Vinecliffe Street
Is One of the Smallest, And One of the Most Coveted by Developers."
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* "Hill's-eye View

Mount Washington Is an Ideal Site for a Photography Park." [Editorial.]
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* Mt. Washington Branch,

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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