Ms. Gloria Blake:
Langley High School

Thumbnail: Scanned photo of art class at Langley, 1930 
(detail). Langley High School, 1930

For Further Reading: 1923-1992

* "Langley High Opens Its Doors to Pupils Today:

Is Eleventh Secondary School in Pittsburgh--
Has Latest Equipment, Including Pool:
Cost About $725,000."
Pittsburgh Sun, 6 April 1923.

* "Langley High Now Occupied:

Classes Being Held in New School Building Which Cost $700,000:
600 Pupils Attending."
Chronicle Telegraph, 12 April 1923.

* "Recently Completed Building at Sheraden Scene of Demonstration."

Pittsburgh Sun, 14 June 1923.

* "Langley High School Formally Dedicated:

Dr. Finegan, Principal Speaker, Urges Public Support
For State Educational Program--Oil Painting Given School
By Supt. Davidson."
Gazette Times, 15 June 1923.

* "At Langley, the Question Is 'Why?'

Youths Try to Restore Racial Amity."
Southwest Journal, 5 February 1971, 1, 7.

* "Vandalism Spurs Langley High Expansion Pleas."

Douglas Smock.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3 May 1973.

* "Overcrowded Langley High Begs for Breathing Room:

Overlooked in School Building Plans."
David Nilsson.
The Pittsburgh Press, 29 May 1973, 9.

* "$5.7 Million Expansion Urged for Langley:

Olson Heeds Parents' Charges of Overcrowding:
Annex Would Rise on Site Occupied by 'Demountables.'"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 16 March 1974.

* "$7.8 Million Annex at Langley Okayed."

The Pittsburgh Press, 22 February 1975, 2.

* "Racial Woes Ease As Langley High Builds for Future."

Thomas P. Benic.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 31 May 1977, 9.

* "Langley Dedicates Expansion Work."

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* "Langley High Reopens Under Guard."

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* "Langley Racial Tensions Run Deep, Students Say."

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* "56% in Langley High Student Poll Smoke Pot."

Caren Marcus.
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* "Langley Plans Academy to Develop Teachers."

Bill Zlatos.
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* "New Magnet Program at Langley Starts Students on Road to Teaching Career."

Annette Bassett.
New Pittsburgh Courier, 11 October 1989, A4.

* "Student TV Show Helps Take Mystery Out Of Homework."

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* "Langley Program Attacks Problems of Under-Achieving Afro-Americans."

Ed Davis.
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* "Langley Teaching Academy Students Visit Clarion."

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* "PPG-Langley High Forum Partnership in Education."

Anthony T. Carlisle.
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* "Honored Teacher Basks in High Praise." [Gary Smith.]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 13 April 1992, 10.


* Langley High School

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