Pennsylvania Bidwell High Rise:
Oral Histories


Aside from the gracious cooperation of the interviewees, I would like to thank especially:

Ms. Fannie Goodman,
late President of the Pennsylvania Bidwell Tenant Council,
for her support in this project and for her understanding and commitment
to the importance of computers and the Internet for the Senior community;
Ms. Marilyn Holt,
the Head of the Pennsylvania Department, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,
for her support throughout this project
and for the patience of my colleagues in the PA Department during my time away;
the Information Renaissance Staff,
Mr. Bob Carlitz, Ms. Ethel Parris, Mr. Ashley Schannauer,
and especially Mr. Gene Hastings for his patience and inestimable technical assistance;
Ms. Rochelle Smith,
Social Sciences Librarian, Yale University,
for advice and comments on the Website.

Barry Chad,
22 May 2003.

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