The Pennsylvania Department
"Hymn of Pittsburgh"

by Richard Realf

My father was mighty Vulcan
I am Smith of the land and sea,
The cunning spirit of Tubal Cain
Came with my marrow to me;
I think great thoughts strong-winged with steel,
I coin vast iron acts.
And weld the impalpable dream of Seers,
Into utile lyric facts.

I am monarch of all the forges,
I have solved the riddle of fire,
The Amen of Nature to need of Man
Echoes at my desire;
I search with the subtle soul of flame,
The heart of the Rocky earth,
And out of my anvils the prophecies
Of the miracle years blaze forth.

I am swarth with the soot of my chimneys,
I drip with the sweats of toil,
I quell and scepter the savage wastes
And charm the curse from the soil;
I fling the bridges across the gulfs,
That hold us from the To Be;
And build the roads for the bannered march
Of Crowned humanity.

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