Oakland: Saint Pierre's Ravine (Buried) Bridge


Among the bridges in Oakland is one that isn't there anymore--yet is.

St. Pierre's Ravine, which used to be between the Carnegie Institute and what is now Forbes Quadrangle (once Forbes Field), was filled in in the early part of this century. The stone-arch bridge which straddled the ravine is, however, still there--buried in 1915 (75) by the City of Pittsburgh.

When visible, the bridge rose "100 feet above the floor of the ravine," (76) had a length of "341 feet," (77) a width of "80 feet," (78) and spanned "150 feet." (79) "Opened in 1898," (80) it took "two years and $112,000 to build." (81) Apparently it was a redesign of the entrance to Schenley Park that dealt the stone bridge its fate. (82)


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