Oakland: Carnegie Institute of Technology


The Founder Visits, 1909

It is with pleasure that we are able to record the visit of Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie to Pittsburgh, particularly since this was their first opportunity to meet the student body and view the various departments of the Technical Schools. It is difficult to describe the warm welcome with which they were received, and to picture the pleasure with which every one at the Schools entered into the spirit of the occasion. This visit marks an epoch in the history of the Schools, the record of which will be more fully described in the souvenir pamphlet now in preparation.

During the tour through the four Schools of the group Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie gave repeated evidence of their cordial interest in the plans and ideals as expressed by the instruction offered to the students. Their many expressions of satisfaction and surprise have deeply touched the Faculties, and will thereby inspire them to renewed efforts to keep up the good work of serving the students and the community. The addresses made by both Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie were intensely stimulating, and won the hearts of all who heard them, and marked an event the record of which will be treasured for sons and daughters of the Alma Mater in the years to come.

Before leaving Pittsburgh Mr. Carnegie issued the following statement to the press:

"Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie have not spent so useful and satisfactory a day for many years as they have just finished. They are surprised at what has already been accomplished and will leave Pittsburgh more than ever convinced that no money they ever gave is more productive of good than that for the Technical Schools. With 2,200 students already in attendance and thousands wishing admission, and the reputation the Schools have made throughout the world, it is a record which has never been equaled by any similar institution in so short a time, and the end is not yet." (51)


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