Lawrenceville: Allegheny Arsenal


Explosion Heroines Honored

From an unidentified Pittsburgh newspaper, possibly in 1913.

To Erect Memorial to Women Who Lost Lives in Arsenal.
Large Granite Boulder.
Will Be Placed Near Scene of Allegheny Arsenal Disaster.

The unsung heroines of the Civil War, women of that fatal Magazine explosion which shook the city on the afternoon of September 17, 1862, when almost a hundred lost their lives in the Allegheny Arsenal, are at last to be recognized. These unknown martyrs are to be immortalized by the erection of a suitable memorial placed near the scene of the fatal accident.
A large granite boulder from the quarries of Maine, weighing over five tons, will shortly arrive in this city and will be set in place. A bronze tablet, the design of which was conceived by the New York artist, Albert Dreyfus. Over 300 pounds of bronze will be used in casting it, and will bear the names of the unfortunates with the inscription "Dedicated to the Heroines of the Civil War."
Congressman James Francis Burke, who was instrumental in securing the presentation of one of the cannons used in the fatal strife of almost a half century ago, has succeeded in procuring two more cannons which will flank the sides of the granite boulder. The first cannon was used for producing souvenirs, which were sold to defray the expenses of the monument.

Dedicated on Anniversary.
It has been decided by the committee that the dedication of the monument will be held on the anniversary of the accident, September 17. Suitable arrangements will be made for the unveiling, which occasion will be a holiday for the Lawrenceville district.
The erection of the monument is due to the untiring efforts of Dr. A. J. Lewin of 3703 Penn Avenue, the secretary of the Arsenal Monument Association and his band of women, members of the G.A.R. committee, who are: Mesdames Margaret McGraw, George M. Paisley, Elizabeth Moore, Battie Lincoln, Lizzie Cargo, Margaret Burns, George Krapp, John M. Brown, Henrietta Gerwig, Grundmar and Nichelson. Dr. Lewin has also issued a notice to all those parties who know some of the names of the unfortunates who were forgotten since that time. It is thought that many more than the records show were injured and died.

Names on Tablet.
Following is a list of the names of those killed in the arsenal explosion and which will be placed on the bronze tablet in the large boulder: [Originally arranged by "unrecognized bodies," "recognized" and "dangerously burned." Here presented in alphabetical order.]

Elizabeth Ager          Mr. Gilleland          Mrs. Patterson
Mary Alger              Virginia Hamil         Mary Reardon
May Amarine             Sidney Hanlan          Martha Robinson
Hannah Baxter           Hester Heslip          Mary S. Robinson
Barbara Bishop          May Jeffrey            Mrs. Rose
Mary A. Boleman         Annie Jones            Catherine Rourke
Joseph E. Bolesman      Margaret Kelly         Ella Rushton
Mrs. Brogan             Aeriah Laughlin        John Ryar
Anna E. Brown           Elisa Lyndsay          Elionor Sheppard
Catherine Burkhart      Hannah Lyndsay         Sarah Sheppard
Catherine Ceylor        Kate McBride           _____ Shook
Bridget Clair           Laura McCarthy         Annie Shook
Emma J. Cloves          Maria J. McCarthy      Annie Sibley
May Collins             Catherine McKeever     Ellen Slattery
Malinda Coulston        Ellen McKenna          Mary Slattery
Mary Cronan             Susan McKenna          Robert Smith
Agnes M. Davidson       Grace McMillan         Mary Souston
May A. Davidson         Maria McVern           Lucinda Truxale
Catherine Dillon        May Anna McWhorter     Margaret A. Turney
Mary A. Donnelly        Ardley Mahrer
May Donnelly            Ellen Manchester
Catherine Dougan        Elizabeth J. Maxwell
Magdalen A. Douglas     Sarah A. Maxwell
Mary A. Drepps          Catherine Miller
Annie Fleming           Philip Miller
Susan Fritchley         Sarah Miller
Sarah George            Mary Murphy
Catherine Giles         Lena Neckerman


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